Cuski Baby Comforter Review


Cuski Baby Comforter

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

The Cuski baby comforter is a brilliant alternative to pacifier’s, dummies or soothers. The soft material is excellent and our twin boys just love the feel of it. They snuggle the Cuski to themselves and very soon they drift off to sleep.

The comforter is machine washable and the material is designed to make babies feel safe and secure by capturing mummy's/daddy’s own special smells to help them feel safe. To do this it is recommended that mummy or daddy keep the Cuski with them for a couple of days before giving it to the baby.

The concept is so simple it’s amazing that it has not been thought of before. An award winning comforter approved by the NHS.

Highly recommended!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Cuski here

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