Dave Gorman Gets Straight to the Point* (*The Powerpoint) Review


DaveGormanDave Gorman
Gets Straight to the Point* (*The Powerpoint)
The Lowry, Manchester

23 November 2014


Reviewed by Lisa Lambert

There is ample parking in the multi storey car park which is facing the theatre they are also on the  Metrolink route which is easily accessible from Manchester city centre were all major routes service from. Just be aware of the last tram as it was a Sunday night and the show finished late we just made the last tram with seconds to spare. They have parking deals for theatre goers and also if you purchase anything from with the shopping mall for over £5 parking is free for four hours and at a reduced rate beyond that.

The Lowry has shops and restaurants to suit all tastes and makes for a good day/evening out and not just to watch the show and go home.

We had to collect our tickets on arrival and the staff were great, they located the tickets quickly and gave us directions to the theatre. Throughout the theatre was staff in red t-shirts who were all really friendly and helpful ensuring you got to where you needed to be. The theatre and public areas are clean and tidy.

We were in the Lyric theatre which is the biggest one there, we sat in stall row L seats 28 and 29, these were isle seats and had an excellent view of the stage I would definitely recommend them.

All the bars were open serving drinks and snacks, there is also a restaurant in the Lowry which you can pre book for a pre-show meal.  We ate somewhere else as in the Lowry complex as there is an array of places to choose from.

The show started prompt at 8pm and it was a 45 minute stand-up session with comedian called Nick Doody. This I wasn’t aware of as there was no mention of it prior to the show. However I laughed my head off. He started slow and once he got the feel of the audience he was just brilliant. He could seem quite offending depending on your sense of humour but like any comedian you expect that they will always offend someone. He kept my interest from start to finish. He was able to adapt the jokes very quickly and it was therefore extremely funny and my favourite part was R2D2 at the end which made me giggle all through the interval and set the mood for the Dave Gorman show for me (I won’t give more than that as not really appropriate to post on the web) – he was available in the foyer selling his DVD and signing copies for people.

There was a 15 minute interval before Dave Gorman came on – bars open and plenty of time to get a drink, use the bathroom and get back to your seats.

Dave Gorman, well what can I say? He is not your typical stand-up comedian at all. He used a large projector screen behind him and like in the show title lots of PowerPoint but boy was he funny at times. There were points in the show my stomach hurt with laughing. There were also times in the show that you felt he had exhausted his point. However the overall show caters for every sense of humour and where half the audience would laugh and the other half didn’t they would be laughing at the next part while the others were not.

He did a section about Paul Hollywood and the Great British Bake Off, well it was hilarious and he did a poem all about Paul and talk about get a reaction from the audience they were in hysterics laughing at some of the lines used in the poem, “Soggy Bottoms” was just one.

As mentioned above there were times you just thought come on get to the punch line and those were the times you were clock watching and then he would all of sudden grab your attention again and you would be laughing and back focused on the words he had to say.

The PowerPoint slides he had produced to go with the show were fantastic, not your usual PowerPoint by any means. He used them all, he interacted with them, they told the story he was telling. Great use of them. And it allowed you to follow the show and visualise what he was talking about.

Dave Gorman’s show was 2 hours, which for me was a long time with no interval and my bum was a little numb by the end.

Overall summary of the show I would say superb although there were lulls, there always is in any comedy act as they cater for all tastes and ages. I would thoroughly recommend this show if you want a really good giggle and to put a smile on your face. I don’t want to give anything away as it would spoil your enjoyment of the show. BUT As Dave Gorman says “If you happy and you know it clap your hands.”

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tour dates and venues can be found on his web page www.davegorman.com/livedates.html

The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3AZ | 0843 208 6000


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