Dinosaur Zoo Live at the Festival Theatre Edinburgh Review


DinosaurZooLiveDinosaur Zoo Live
Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

19-20 September 2015


Reviewed by Dawn Watson

My two girls (ages 8 and 12 years) and I were up early and off to see Dinosaur Zoo Live at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh yesterday…

This was a show I hadn’t heard about and wasn’t sure what to expect. The show was introduced by Sean, an Australian guy, who explained to the excited audience that during the hour long show he and three of his team would bring out their dinosaurs and introduce them.to us….

He made it clear to the very excited young audience that his ‘puppeteer s would give them the chance to meet the baby dinosaurs later and that they were not real… however for the very young they were very real to them… seven dinosaurs were brought out individually throughout the show.

The show was not as expected it kind of took the form of Sean telling facts and snippets of fiction about each dinosaur that he introduced on stage and each time a child or child and parent were chosen and brought up onto stage and they helped ‘feed’ or groom the dinosaur… there was no story as such.

As you can imagine the children (average age 3-6) were hyper and some did get a little upset when I think they genuinely thought the dinosaur was alive and chasing them! It was an hour long… which was probably long enough for the ages the show attracted and to keep their attention…

For me and my girls I have to be honest and say it was all a bit chaotic… for the children not chosen it got a bit repetitive and samey… and is definitely was aimed at younger pre-school children… my two girls especially my older daughter found it a little tedious and silly… sorry.

The puppet dinosaurs were fantastically designed and stunning.  I just felt a story of sorts would work better.

Everyone got a chance to ‘meet’ the dinosaurs afterwards.

A family ticket in my opinion would work out fairly expensive for a ‘show’ an hour long and maybe not have so many kids up on stage that you struggled to hear or see what they were doing…

Sorry not a show I would want to take my girls to see. If I’m totally honest I’m struggling to say it works on a big stage such as the Festival Theatre, it may work better on a smaller more intimate stage.

My 8 year old was a tad bored sorry… we award this 2.5 out of 5.

Rating: 2.5/5

Tickets cost from £13.50 to £16 (booking fees may apply).

Dinosaur Zoo Live is suitable for children aged 3 years + and is at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh until 20 September 2015. For more information or to book tickets click here or call the box office on 0131 529 6000.

For more information, tour dates or to book tickets visit www.dinosaurzoolive.com.

Festival Theatre, 13/29 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9FT | 0131 529 6000

2 half Star


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