Diono Shade Maker Canopy Review


Diono Shade Maker


Reviewed by Tanya Moyes

I absolutely love this product and think it is such a simple yet fantastic idea.

I am constantly battling with my daughter to keep her hat on when we are out in the buggy and the sun is shining. I really dislike the usual sun parasols, because I get so fed up having to constantly move it whenever I turn a corner in the street and the sun is then on the other side of the buggy. With the Shade Maker it meant that if she pulled her hat off or we changed direction, it wasn’t a major problem because her head was still in the shade. In fact, for the majority of the day her whole body except for her feet and ankles were in the shade no matter what way we were facing. The only time that I found it didn’t work was when the sun was directly in front of us and quite low in the sky. I also found that it helped her to fall asleep a little more easily. I suppose this is because she was in the shade so kept slightly cooler, but also because the Shade Maker is black it added a little bit of darkness to the inside of her pushchair.

The Shade Maker is extremely easy to use, there are ties which you tie to separate parts of the buggy and also a couple of Velcro straps which I didn’t use but presume these may be used on different styles of pushchairs. The instructions are also very easy to read and follow, although once you have fitted it once it is so easy to do again. I had to remove it every time I collapsed the buggy down but I didn’t find this to be an issue as it is so easy to do. Once removed, it folds down to the size of a dinner plate and is easy to store.

Looking online, the RRP on this seems to be £12.99 which to me is great value for money. In my opinion this is now a necessary baby item for everyday use in the summer, and if I was going on holiday abroad I would definitely class this as an essential item. I don’t know how I managed without the Shade Maker with my previous child as it makes life so much easier!

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