DishMatic Washing Up Review


DishMatic Washing Up

Reviewed by Victoria Retibi

I received the Dishmatic Washing Up range for review consisting of DishMatic with sponge, DishMatic Brush and a pack of refill sponges for the DishMatic.

Well what can I say as a busy mum of three with LOTS of washing up. You fill the Dishmatic handle with washing up liquid so that it automatically keeps the sponge or brush soapy. So you end up using less washing up liquid and you can keep on going without stopping to reload the sponge, which speeds up the process!

These seem to be good quality and one fill of washing up liquid lasted for nearly two weeks. They do a great job cleaning plus I don't get my knuckles sore with scouring pots/pans etc…

A great product making washing up easier and less time consuming.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from  all good supermarkets. 

Why not try the full range from DishMatic and EcoForce

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