Dynamica 3400 Pro Hairdryer Review


Dynamica3400ProDynamica 3400 Pro Hairdryer


Reviewed by Nicola McCallum

Over the past 5 years my priorities over my hair have somewhat changed. In the past I would often spend my mornings blowing drying and straightening my shoulder length curly hair. My morning ritual was time consuming but I preferred my hair straight to curly. After having three children my morning routine changed and it has been a rare occasion that I have blown dry my hair preferring the natural less time consuming curly look. Now my children are becoming older I am beginning to have a little more time and have found myself thinking about going back to my locks becoming straight once more.

The Dynamica 3400 PRO is a lightweight but high power hairdryer that states it has ionic conditioning for faster drying, reduced static and frizz for healthy looking and shiny hair. The first thing that grasped me about this design was the colour, raspberry crush. I am not normally one for girly things but with three young boys the design was bright and a welcome change to what I am normally used to.

The packaging for this product was minimal with the hairdryer fitting snugly inside the box with no excess packaging material. A strong Perspex window on the front of the box showed the hairdryer and the bright colour. The box gave lots of information about the hairdryer features including a more detailed description about the ionic technology.

As I removed this from the box I was impressed by the lightweight feel of this hairdryer and I was pleased with the 3m length of power cord meaning I did not have to do the usual rearranging of my plug configuration so I could plug in my hairdryer to the socket nearest my mirror. This hairdryer has two speed settings and 3 heat settings on the control button and a separate cool shot button and comes with 2 different attachments which are ‘slim precision styling concentrators’.

My normal blow drying technique normally involved using a round barrel brush which I continually have to readjust in order to straighten out my curls but on this occasion I decided to try the Straight ‘n’ Go Brush.

The first thing I was surprised with was how quickly the Dynamica 3400PRO dried my hair. My hair is really thick and despite the fact I am out of practice drying my hair I was quicker than I expected blow drying my hair. The lightweight design was noticeable as my arms always ache when drying my hair but this time this was not the case. The cool shot button was easy to reach and I would instantly feel the difference when it was pressed.

Overall I was very impressed with both the Dynamica 3400 Pro. For the features of this hairdryer its price matches others that are on the market (£39.958) but I would say it is good value for money.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £39.98

Available to buy in a variety of different colours from Sally Express here.


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