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Reviewed by David Savage

Apart from the religious aspects Easter is a time for chocolate and now takes many forms other than the traditional Easter Egg. I visited Aldi to checkout their Easter chocolate range and was surprised at their large selection from 59p to £3.99 with the majority less than £1. So for my selection I chose:

Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny (65p) – a quite large (22cm tall, 125gm) hollow milk chocolate bunny wrapped in brightly coloured foil.

Mini Easter Bunnies (99p) – this 100g box of solid white and milk chocolate bunnies contains 36 (3cm approx.) bunnies; 18 milk chocolate, 18 white chocolate). The inside of the lid even has an Easter colouring card. This would be perfect for toddlers especially if you want to control their chocolate intake.

Easter Egg Hunt Kit (£1.99) – this 300g pack of small chocolate eggs and bunnies are perfect for hiding around the house or garden for children to go on a hunt, meaning they are active and having have while trying to find a chocolate treat!

Jelly Jumble Easter Egg (89p) – this is a traditional milk chocolate Easter complete with a bag of soft jelly sweets (separate from the egg).

Buttons Medium Easter Egg (89p) – this is also a traditional milk chocolate Easter egg complete with a bag of milk chocolate buttons (separate from the egg).


The chocolate in this Aldi range tastes great, and to be honest I couldn’t taste any difference between the chocolate in this range than higher priced mid-range chocolate.

The Aldi Easter chocolate range also consists of bunny lollies, chocolate coins, mini eggs, mini bunnies, cream eggs, a selection of Easter bunnies and characters, decorated eggs and eggs filled with chocolates.

All these are excellent value for money and as a chocolate love I thought the tasted great. If I had to look hard for a negative it would be the cardboard boxes the Easter Eggs came in are a bit flimsy, but who cares about a box on Easter Sunday when there is delicious chocolate inside!

At these prices visit your nearest Aldi store to pick up your Easter chocolate because at these prices and quality they won’t last long.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Prices start from 59p to £3.99

Available to buy from Aldi stores nationwide. For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit www.aldi.co.uk.


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