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Winter Wine Collection

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

The new Cocoa & Orange range from Echo Falls is one of the new range of alcoholic wines available for this Christmas. This rich, dark wine is very sweet, probably more of a dessert wine or if drinking with a meal, would be better for dark fatty meats like duck, if that’s what you’re having for Christmas dinner! It does cut to the heart of any chocolate lover as the cocoa tones leave a candied aftertaste, but not unpleasant in the mouth. The orange flavours are what hits the nose first, then the alcohol is hidden as the sweetness takes over – so be careful not to drink too much too quickly!

The Orange & Cranberry is equally as rich, and again, more of a desert wine. The flavours make this wine taste particularly Christmassy, and can actually be drunk as a mulled wine. This might help to burn off some of the alcohol which is quite hidden as you drink it. The Orange & Cranberry is probably my favourite of this range because of its versatility and the overtly Christmassy-ness of this wine, which you don’t normally get unless it’s the typical mulled wine you choose for guests. I would team this wine up with a strong cheese like Stilton.

The Winter Spice wine, although equally alcoholic, is also a rich wine which reminds me of log fires and cosy nights around Christmas time, with the spices of Christmas. I would drink this as an alternative to a hot chocolate or alcoholic drink in the evening, or as a welcome to a Christmas party at this time of year. If warmed it also fills the house with the smell of Christmas, so this is a good one for wrapping Christmas presents with!

Finally onto the Babycham! It’s just as you remember – bubbly, effervescent and sweet. Very light and reminiscent of a sparking champagne, this is also a sweet wine which unlike the others, can be drunk on its own although probably not with a meal. It’s perfect for something a bit lighter and cheaper than the expensive champagnes, this is perfect for celebrating the New Year.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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