F Word Allowed at Tossed


‘F’ Word Allowed at Tossed

We are talking about Fat, but the good kind, as found in all foods at Tossed

Good fats are a great source of energy inside and work to improve your skin on the outside. At Tossed, the healthier eating place, where no sugar or salt is added to the food, and no saturated or ‘bad’ fat is ever used, you will find plenty of good fats, so you are allowed to mention the ‘F’ word, which stands for fat, at Tossed.

Big favourite Chipotle salad, served on cos lettuce,  is a tasty concoction of chicken breast, a generous helping of avocado – a rich source of ‘good fat’, mixed beans, cheddar, jalapeno peppers and tortilla chips, using coriander and tomato salsa to intensify the flavour and low fat ranch dressing to bring it all together. It’s a full meal in a bowl, and still only 511 calories for a medium, but with a wholesome 30.8 gr of protein and 28 gr of ‘good fat’.  At £5.15 for a medium and £5.95 for a large, it’s a great way to satisfy a healthy appetite and add those essential good fats to your diet, without adding the calories.  A Chipotle wrap contains a whole medium salad, and you can have it toasted too.

Avocado has one of the highest fibre contents for fruit and 60 percent more potassium than a banana, thus a Chipotle salad at lunch can keep you full through to the evening, avoiding that mid afternoon snacking downfall.

Good fats can also be found in nuts, olives, peanut butter – and you will find all these ingredients in the food at Tossed, including their seasonal Peanut Butter Smoothie, a ‘must’ for breakfast in a hurry, with a protein shot, banana, fat free yoghurt and skimmed milk, at £2.95 – just one of many healthy treats. 

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