Fantastic Mr Fox at the King’s Theatre Edinburgh Review


Reviewed by Emily Crombie

As huge Roald Dahl fans, we were very excited to visit the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh to see Fantastic Mr Fox live on stage. We were welcomed to the theatre by the accommodating staff and shown to our seats in row L of the stalls. These were super seats and we could see all the action easily. The show is about two hours ten minutes long including the interval and is recommended for age five and over.

Based on the classic children’s book by Roald Dahl, Fantastic Mr Fox has been adapted to the stage by Sam Holcroft, with music by Arthur Darvill and lyrics by Darren Clark, Arthur Darvill, Sam Holcroft and Al Muriel.

The show is similar to the book and follows the tale of Mr Fox, Mrs Fox and their daughter Kit as they try and outwit the three farmers – Bean, Boggis and Bunce who have a vendetta against Mr Fox.

Fed up with Mr Fox stealing their chickens, geese and turkeys, Farmer Bean, Farmer Boggis and Farmer Bunce decide to shoot Mr Fox. When this fails they up-tools and start to dig him out, then they turn to diggers. When all else fails, they decide to sit it out until starvation brings Mr Fox to the surface but meanwhile underground plans are afoot. Mr Fox and his family and friends – Mole, Badger, Rabbit and Mouse decide to dig their way to the farmer’s cellars for food with many a hiccup along the way.

The show has many themes running through it, for example – team work, thinking about others and survival so there is a lot to talk about and think about after the show.

Our favourite character was the very delightful but rather excitable Rabbit played by Sandy Foster.  Also the song, ‘I’m feeling foxy’ sung by the three farmers was hilarious!

Watching Fantastic Mr Fox live on stage really brings the story to life.

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £12.50 to £22.50 (booking fees may apply).

Fantastic Mr Fox is at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh from 15-20 May 2017, for more information or to book tickets visit or call the box office on 0131 529 6000.

King’s Theatre, 2 Leven Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9LQ | 0131 529 6000

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