Fine Burger Company Review


The Fine Burger Company

Reviewed by Dorothy White

On a Saturday early evening we visited the Fine Burger Company at St Pancras Station. 

It is a fairly small fast food outlet with about 8 tables outside and some counter seating inside.  There was a constant stream of customers buying burgers all the time we were there, and the tables were constantly full.  It was a very popular place frequented by both visitors to London and station staff.

Our party consisted of 2 adults and my almost nine year old granddaughter.  I decided to have the Christmas burger whilst my daughter chose a Cheddar Cheese burger, we both had them with chips and diet coke.  My granddaughter who doesn’t eat burgers settled for a portion of chips with a diet coke.  We didn’t notice a children’s menu displayed anywhere.

As our burgers would take 8 minutes to prepare we were offered the chips and diet coke for my granddaughter straight away.  I couldn’t resist sampling one of her delicious looking chips.  They were hot, golden, crisp and fresh and tasted delicious!  I wasn’t disappointed!

Very soon after my granddaughter received her food a tray was placed in front of me.  I was told it was my Christmas Burger, so I eagerly started eating the chips whilst I waited for my daughter’s meal to arrive.  My daughter’s cheese burger didn’t arrive.  Very quickly the person I assumed was the manager came out and apologised, he said a new employee had brought me the wrong meal by mistake, it had been intended for another customer.  He very quickly corrected the error and brought me my Christmas Burger and my daughter her Cheddar cheese burger.

My Christmas Burger was delicious, the Fine Burger Co. had teamed up with Muddy Boots to create this extra special burger.  It was a really thick burger made from Aberdeen Angus beef, cranberries, Camembert, caramelised onions and rocket.  The only part I didn’t eat was the rocket!!  My chips were hot and just as delicious as my granddaughter’s.

My daughter said her Cheddar Cheese burger was the best burger she had ever tasted.

There were a variety of sauces available at the counter including mustard, hp sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise and of course salt and pepper.

No wonder all the time we were at the Fine Burger Company there was a constant queue of customers!  It was a very popular fast food outlet!

Tables were quickly cleared and cleaned in readiness for the next customer.

Before we left, the manager once again came to apologise for the mix up which he had very quickly sorted out.

I can thoroughly recommend the Fine Burger Company, in fact we have already told several friends about it and exactly where it is in St Pancras Station.

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