Flubit Nicholas Winter Men’s Overnight/Weekend Holdall Duffle Bag Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

I like to have the odd weekend or short break away with my children and husband and find that my husband has a huge half full sports bag taking up way too much valuable “me” space in the car, so this holdall looked ideal from my perspective.

It’s a great size for a short break and has a leather look design with strong side carry handles and four underside feet to protect the material (essential for a man like my husband who will overfill it and throw it around).

There is a generous inside zip pocket for valuables, with a thick interior lining and a removable base depending how you want to pack. There is also an unusual design feature of a double external zip where you can zip the bag up from either side… my guess would be if you perhaps had a larger item such as a tennis racket you could position it between the two zips outside the bag. So it’s ideal for leisure activities too!

It’s a great size for holding hand luggage if travelling abroad, and the double zip is a bit of extra security. The bag does lack a name fob on the handle which may have been a feature that some people would appreciate, although this certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

I cannot comment on how waterproof the bag is but given the thickness of the materials I couldn’t imagine your luggage getting wet when making a short walk from car to hotel.

The brown speckled design is targeted at perhaps a middle-aged man or businessman – nothing especially “snazzy” or fashionable, but this is more of a functional bag and one at a good price given the quality.

The size (50 x 21 x 27cm) is good, and my husband could easily pack for a couple of nights away although it may be a struggle to fit in more than one pair of extra shoes.

An obvious drawback is the size of the handles; a man wouldn’t be able to pull them onto his shoulder to carry. This wouldn’t be an issue if there was an additional long over the shoulder strap that could be clipped onto each end if required, but this is more of a bag to carry in the hand which comes down to personal preference.

It perhaps would also have been useful to have an external pocket for any non-valuable items that you may want to have to hand such as a book, loose change or any paperwork.

This is being sold as a men’s bag, but I am actually having a girls weekend with my daughter soon and intend to use my mini case for clothes, and this bag for my make-up, toiletries, hairdryer and other odds and ends so it does have many uses and would be a worthwhile purchase for a family.

I would award this bag 4 stars out of 5. Whilst some features are lacking, it is a strong bag being sold at a good price. Whilst the design is targeted to a certain type of man, I think it is versatile and will certainly be used a lot in our family.

I used the Flubit website, which is currently the largest UK-owned marketplace for product availability with over 1 million items cheaper than Amazon. It was very easy to use and stocks a large variety of items from toys, health & beauty, home & garden and more.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £17.55 (including P&P).

For more information or to buy visit flubit.com.

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