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FrankieBennysFrankie & Benny’s Christmas Menu

Reviewed by Linzi Davies

The restaurant is situated on the Hive Leisure Park and has plenty of free parking right outside. On our arrival at just before 4pm the place was really quiet and we were quickly seated at our festive looking table complete with balloons, party string and crackers. The children loved this and spent the next few minutes laughing with each other whilst telling the silly jokes and seeing which of us looked the funniest in our Christmas crown. I thought the Christmas card from all the staff was also a lovely touch.

Rachel our waitress, remembered us from a visit in the Summer which I thought was fantastic and the boys felt extremely special. We placed our orders for drinks, three apple juices and a Diet Pepsi for myself and then whilst waiting for them to arrive we looked through the vast choices on offer and then concentrated on the activities in the children’s Christmas booklets. I was really impressed with these, they contained puzzles, wish lists, pictures to colour and games to play. They also received two colouring pencils which magically drew in four colours, amazing.

A few minutes after the drinks arrived we were ready to order and Rachel allowed the boys to input their choices onto her hand held device which had them grinning from ear to ear. So back to the puzzle books and an impromptu game of rock, paper, scissors which is interesting between four!!

A short time later the food arrived, for myself a peppered salmon fillet with rosemary new potatoes, minted butter vegetables and a Neapolitan sauce. All I can say about this dish is wow, absolutely beautiful, the dish was piping hot and the taste was just amazing. Onto Evie who selected the festive pizza. A thin crust pizza with mozzarella topping with chicken breast pieces, salsa rossa and salsa verde. This was hot, hot, hot. A little too hot for Evie in all honesty but she was warned by Rachel. After scraping off the chilli’s she did enjoy the rest but the dish would have benefited from a side of chips. Onto the boys who selected spaghetti bolognese and chicken pasta with Neapolitan sauce. Both dishes came with garlic ciabatta and were extremely hearty in the portion size. Thom’s comment of, “Mum, Frankie & Benny’s make the best food ever!!” Pretty much summed up their love of their meals, although he did think they were names of the chefs.


Onto desserts with the little bit of space we had left, Yule Log for Evie and I and the popular choice of candy shop for the boys. Again couldn’t fault the taste at all, although I was worried what time the boys would go to bed after such a big sugar rush.


The adult festive menu is £16.95 for two courses (£19.95 for 3 courses) and whilst I thought the salmon fish was well worth that price, I thought it was a little steep for the pizza. It would be possible to eat from the menu over and over as the starters all looked amazing and the maple glazed gammon is next on my list to try. The children’s menu at £7.75 is excellent value for money and would still be enough for Evie at 9 years of age to eat from.


Overall a highly enjoyable experience from the second we walked through the door to the moment we left. The Christmas songs were varied and lovely to listen to and the service was amazing.The children can’t wait to go back again.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Frankie & Benny’s Christmas Menu cost £16.95 for 2 courses or £19.95 3 courses. To view the Christmas menu click here.

For more information or to make a booking visit:

Frankie & Benny’s, Unit No 2A, Venture Fields, Earle Road, Widnes, WA8 0TA | 0151 420 2329


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