Frankly Sinatra at the Grove Theatre Dunstable Review


FranklySinatraFrankly Sinatra
Grove Theatre, Dunstable

27 November 2015

Reviewed by Janice Jobber

I was very excited to be chosen to review the Frankly Sinatra tribute by Stephen Triffitt at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable yesterday evening.

We arrived at theatre and had no problem parking the car in the free car park. It is a very short walk over to the theatre. When arriving we went into the theatre entrance which has been decorated with 2 beautiful Christmas trees and decorations, it looks absolutely stunning. There were lots of people around, laughing, chatting and drinking in the foyer, this theatre has such a lovely warm atmosphere. We went to the reception area and we’re given our tickets by a very friendly member of staff.

We made our way into the auditorium and we’re shown to our seats. As usual in this theatre, we had great seats and were able to see everything happening on the stage. At 8pm the curtain went up to reveal the musicians who were superb throughout the show. The man himself was then introduced and in true ‘ole blue eyes’ style sauntered on with a drink in hand. He then started to sing, if you closed your eyes you could have been listening to the man himself, it was amazing. He sang lots of favourites like ‘Fly me to the Moon’, ‘New York New York’, Pennies from Heaven and many more.

The interaction with the audience was great, laughing and joking giving out facts about Frank Sinatra that I for one never knew, like in December Frank Sinatra would’ve been 100 years old!

There was a short interval in which we went to the bar to buy refreshments. Considering how many people were there we didn’t have to wait long at all to be served by a very pleasant young man.

We went back in for the second part of the show. It was just as entertaining as the first. When the show had come to a close and after a standing ovation, Frankly Sinatra came back to finish the show with ‘My Way’ it was a brilliant song to end the show. Everybody stood up to applaud him and after quite a few bows, he left the stage.

I would recommend this show if you ever get the chance to see it and give it a thoroughly deserved rating of 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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