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Though we are currently in the depths of winter, it won’t be long before spring arrives and brings with it the chance to get back outdoors without the need for hundreds of layers! When this time comes, there is nothing nicer than getting out into your garden and enjoying your own little piece of the great outdoors. Make the most of your time by preparing for the warmer months now and adding something a little bit special to your outdoor space.

Simple DIY Tasks

Getting your garden ready for summer doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Add some more light to your outdoor space by creating some hanging jar lanterns using some glass jars and candles. Put up some hanging baskets with colourful flowers to brighten up your garden fences. If you have recently felled a tree, plant flowers around the remaining stump to create a bright and colourful area. Alternatively, use old cinder blocks as areas to plant flowers. These are just a few simple ideas, but you can really get creative when you do it yourself.

Choosing Garden Furniture

Garden furniture looks great when placed on a terraced or decked area. Start with a nice table to make the focal point of your outdoor area. Next, choose the design of chair that best suits your garden, whether this is rattan, metal or plastic. If you are low on space, choose something compact so the chairs can easily slot underneath. Then, think about any furniture you would like just for enjoying on your own. Sun loungers are a good choice and really allow you to kick back and relax. Also, think about investing in a parasol to give yourself a bit of shade. Finally, choose the cushions or blankets you would like to go on top to give this area its finishing touches. For some extra advice and inspiration, read about Bridgman here.

Heating and Lighting

When it starts to get a little chillier and darker, you will need some outdoor lighting and heating equipment. Let’s start with your lighting. Classic lanterns have a timeless appeal, while grounded lighting can be placed in the grass to highlight certain features of the garden. If you are particularly security conscious, think about investing is some bright lighting that deters intruders late at night. Now, let’s move on to heating. Electric heaters are a good choice that can give you instant warmth at the touch of a button. You can either get them wall-mounted to save space or stand alone if your seating area is away from any walled areas of the garden.

Ornaments Add the Finishing Touches

From the classic garden gnome to Japanese water features, this is where you can get creative in choosing some ornaments to add the finishing touches to your outdoor space. If you are particularly arty, you can even make the ornaments yourself, but if not, a quick search online or at your local garden centre will provide a myriad of choices for you.

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