Ginvera BB Cream Review


GinveraBBCreamGinvera BB Cream

Reviewed by Joanne Watson

I am the sort of person who cannot leave the house without wearing foundation. Even when I nip to the shop, I always put my foundation on first! But I know that it isn’t great for my skin, and so I have tried a few different BB creams instead over the past two years. This is by far the best I have tried!

The product arrived beautifully packaged in a clear box, with a sticker on the front telling me that this product has won an award! The packaging gives lots of information, outlining the benefits of using this product. One of the things I was most pleased to read was that it has an SPF of 30, which is extremely important to me. The product contains tea tree which is a brilliant ingredient for helping to control blemishes, and promises a non-greasy formula, which will conceal, brighten, moisturise and nourish skin, and reduce lines!

The BB cream comes in a stylish green tube with a silver lid, and looks like a quality product. The benefits to using the cream are again outlined on the tube, with instructions on how to apply it also.

The product went on to my skin easily. It felt smooth, and easy to apply. The cream has a very neutral, pleasant smell – it didn’t smell strongly of tea tree like other products I have tried with the same ingredient. I needed very little of the product to cover my face, which is a definite plus point! It costs slightly more than what I would usually pay for a BB cream, but the fact that such a little went a long way shows that this product offers good value for money. I wore the BB cream instead of foundation and applied my regular make up (blusher and eye make-up) over the top. I found that the BB cream stayed put for the entire day, and I even had comments that my skin looked like it was glowing while at work! Unlike foundation, I found that the BB cream was easily removed at the end of the day also, which is great for a busy mum like me.

I wore the BB cream again before a run, just to see how it held up during exercise, and I was pleased to see it again stayed put and made my skin look much less red than it usually does. It does a range of jobs all in one tube, and would be a great product to take if you were going on holiday. I would recommend this product to other women, and would be interested to try other products in the range.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £17.95 (25ml), £24.95 (40ml)

Available to buy from Janiro here.


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