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Review by Zahra Escott

I must admit that although I’m not actually an avid drinker myself I was excited about this product before it had even arrived. A lot of memories of my childhood involved watching old movies with my dad and many a leading lady would appear on screen with a Martini glass in hand. The glass was almost like a reflection of them, sleek and beautiful yet incredibly fragile most of the time. So I was excited how the product itself would still bring that level of beauty when encased in a standard pint glass which in my opinion is anything but.

Firstly I need to credit how well packaged the item was to ensure its safe arrival. The box itself is compact and has pictures on the sides that allow you to see exactly what you are getting without even having to open the box. The pictures on the side with the dim lightly are very good I think and suit it well, showing you what it would look in a bar scene or merely at home on your table. The main front picture has a lighter background matching the back which has all the different languages with all the relevant information. I do have an issue with the type of nail polish the hand model is wearing. It’s very glitzy and I don’t think it fits with the rest of the box but maybe that’s due to the fact it doesn’t quite fit with my vision on what the drinker should look like either. That nail polish would never be seen on a woman from the era a Martini glass reminds me off. I believe it’s probably due to the fact this product is aimed largely at a younger, less sophisticated audience that will see this as a chance to have a Martini but not the delicateness of the Martini glass itself. I imagine they are quite hard to care for although cant attest to that myself.

The glass itself does exactly as it’s meant to. You fill the glass with whichever liquid you choose and it fills the inner glass so a Martini shape is revealed. It is a very cute gimmick and the sturdiness of the pint glass makes you less stressed about it smashing or getting knocked over. The capacity of the Martini glass itself though is only 100ml. I did my research and that equates to just over 3 ounces of liquid. The standard Martini glass is about 6 ounces so you are getting remarkably less alcohol for each drink you pour, but in my opinion that’s not a bad thing. It might cut down on the amount a person is drinking.


The glass itself is well made and the glass is clear. It still has some of the elegance a Martini has I will admit with its rounded edges and the fact the pint glass itself tapers down.

All in all I think the product will appeal to a much younger audience, i.e. 18-25 that like these kinds of gimmicks. I think it would be very popular because it does in fact give you a Martini glass, although smaller but with the convenience of a pint glass. For myself though, I think it loses its sophistication in doing that and the oldie film lover in me still sees a leading lady with that delicate glass in her hand. The same reaction wouldn’t have been gotten with the Glasstini unfortunately. But I love the slogan as well “Don’t be ordinary”. And this product certainly delivers on that front.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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