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Reviewed by Jenny Bennett

I was asked to review The Go Faster Food for Kids book and my first thought when I received it was that for the RRP of £16.99 you are getting a lot of book! In total 212 pages of information, excellent recipes and beautiful and inspiring pictures of delicious food.

As the mum of a very energetic toddler I want to be sure I’m feeding her right and in turn we are eating better to set a good example. I’ve found various books and some have been helpful but this book really is excellent.

It was written by Kate Percy as a follow on to Go Faster Food and she uses her direct experience as an athlete, cook and mother of three to give an accessible guide to what, when and how to fuel active kids on a daily basis.

Accessible is the key word here – each recipe has a brief introduction, a clear ingredients list, nutritional breakdown but also an icon listing letting you know what key areas the food covers. This could be a healthy, sustaining meal good for training, a pre-exercise energy boosting snack or a recovery post exercise meal. This might seem a little extreme for those of us who maybe aren’t in training but it’s very easy to adapt to day to day life as well as a healthy lifestyle.

It has some excellent information on nutrition as well – a clear guide to superfoods, information on calcium and iron and much more.

The actual recipes are great as well – we’ve tried and really enjoyed the Sticky Lemon Honey Chicken with Basmati, Wilk and Chickpea rice and the Sweet Chilli Pork Burgers with Mango Salsa are delicious. The Fresh Go Faster Gnocchi hasn’t yet been a success but I’m 100% certain that’s down to the ability of the cooks rather than the actual recipe!

My daughter and I love the Apple Power Pancakes with Spiced Apple Syrup and we will all be trying the Banana Buttermilk Blinis this weekend.

It brings back the real importance of food – good food that enables children to grow and develop. My daughter might not want to be a professional athlete when she grows up but by me learning about nutrition and giving her the balanced diet she needs not only am I catering to her physical needs but she’ll grow up understanding how to make food work for her.

I’m really impressed with this book and would highly recommend it to any parent who wants to know about a balanced diet but who also wants to try some new delicious foods with their family.

5 out of 5 and I’ll be buying the Go Faster Food book shortly too.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £16.99

Available to buy from Go Faster Food here.


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