Go Mini Radio Controlled Wolf Rally Car Review


Go Mini
Radio Controlled Wolf Car


Reviewed by Brian Grehan

I love this toy! It’s a brilliant radio controlled car that is so easy to use even a novice like myself could get hours of fun playing with it! When it arrived to our house there was a brief struggle to see who would play with it first. I won and became quickly addicted to driving it around the living room.

Made by GB Toys the model is faithful to the real mini car. The remote control is extremely easy to use so you can master driving the car very quickly indeed. The model is aimed anybody from 3 to 99 years.

I really like the fact it’s so easy to use and the sound effects are so real, apart from the wolf noise of course! You turn, perform "donuts" and handbrake turns its great fun to play with… There is even a function to play with headlights on so you can play with the car well into the night!

I love playing with this Go Mini so much its difficult sitting here writing about it when I'd much rather be playing with it! Be warned, however, the car requires two sets of batteries. One set of AAs for the car and one set of AAAs for the remote control but once they're in away you go.

I really like this radio controlled car and it would make an excellent Christmas present for anyone. I recommend it to everyone and marking it out of five I give it a seven!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Golden Bear Toys here

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