Hape Quadrilla Space City Marble Run Review


Reviewed by David Savage

We have several marble runs in our house and the boys (5 year old twins) love them – love playing with them and love building their own designs. The only problem with the sets that we have are they are cheap plastic sets and the plastic is starting to be bend slightly out of shape, so don’t stand quite flat anymore, and with 2 boys constantly playing (and fighting!) with them some bits have been stepped on and have been broken. We were delighted to be asked to review the Quadrilla Space City Marble Run from Hape – a wooden marble run, so less chance of it getting bent out of shape or bits breaking!

The Quadrilla Space City Marble Run comes with 176 pieces, mostly wooden pieces with some plastic pieces and is supplied with glow-in-the-dark stickers. The pieces are in a variety of colours and are all of excellent quality.

Assembly takes a bit of time and the removable glow-in-the-dark stickers need to be added on, but the instruction book is very detailed and easy to understand, but you can build it in your own design.  The wooden blocks (supports) are quite large but easy for small hands to hand and they slot together very well. Once built, we removed the marbles (supplied in their own drawstring bag – other marble runs we have had the marbles just come loose in a plastic bag) and started whizzing them down the run. The boys love this but soon dismantled it and started building their own creations.

While the glow-in-the-dark feature is good and gives in a nice glow in a darkened room, it isn’t the brightest – but the boys love it!

Overall, this is an excellent quality set. The pieces are of a high standard and will stand up to twins playing. It encourages play, communication, building skills, hand/eye co-ordination and dexterity skills as well as problem solving (to get the marble to run properly).  The instruction book has a few different designs to create or you can just create your own.

The stated age range is from 6 years +, but the twins are 5 years old and while needed help with designs from the book they have no problem creating their own and thoroughly enjoy it while playing together.

This is an excellent quality set that requires no batteries, has no screen but has a much better play factor than electronic devices. Not only will the children love it but so will the adults as there is plenty of scope to get creative and build your own marble runs.

An excellent gift for Christmas.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £99.99

For more information visit www.hape.com. Available to buy from Amazon (currently £84.99) here.

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