Happy Mondays Bummed Tour Review


Happy Mondays
Bummed 25th Anniversary Tour
The Ritz, Manchester


Reviewed by Rebecca Dickinson

I was lucky enough to review the happy Mondays at The Ritz in Manchester.

I'll be honest I wasn't expecting the experience I got, as a venue it is excellent, intimate, organised and just plain good.

I have seen the Mondays, and Black Grape over the years a few times, at times I have preferred the Mondays tribute act, not last night though… Ryder was as good as he has ever been, on the money throughout the album recital. The real shock was the support act, Big Unit, the first number really did nothing for me, but they got into their considerable stride and swagger in the second, where have these guys been! Perfect for the Mondays crowd. Speaking of which the crowd was great a mix of football casuals made good, alongside the best dressed late thirties women of Manchester (early forties).

The leer of Ryder present when Hannett first produced the album is still present, the whole band is transported as they perform, every review needs to have its Bez story, but for me he took second fiddle to the music for the first time, Rowetta was powerful and magnificent, the two Paul's, Mark and Gary all on their game. It was like an angry Beatles.

The rest of the country is in for a real treat as if they only get better it will be epic, I sense inevitable destruction though and that by night five the tour will be chaos, enjoy the chaos though , if you are at a Mondays gig you have already crossed to the dark side, one direction they are not.  Don't go to the loo during "performance" or "do it better" both excellent. More bands should celebrate an album with performance such as this.

Rating: 4/5

Happy Mondays are currrently on tour. For tour dates or to book tickets click here.

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