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HenryHugglemonsterRoarsomeScooterHenry Hugglemonster
Roarsome Scooter


Reviewed by Sally Ellis

The Henry Hugglemonster Roarsome Scooter is simply a fantastic toy for young children. It is recommended for ages 3 upwards and our son Tristan, having just turned 3, is obsessed with all vehicles, so this was perfect for him.

Removing the toy from the box was an easy procedure (no screws holding it in) and much to our delight, batteries were included – a rare thing these days. Upon telling him the name Henry Hugglemonster, Tristan immediately asked to give him a hug! He even insisted on taking it to bed with him and carrying it to nursery the following morning to show everyone.

The scooter doesn’t move of its own accord, but can be rolled along the floor, encouraging lots of interaction and imagination – it went very well along our kitchen floor and could also easily be pushed along on carpet as well. Henry detaches from the scooter and his arms, legs and head are articulated, so he can sit down, be walked along, turn to look around etc… Great for taking him on adventures everywhere!

Henry also has the fantastic feature of saying 6 different phrases when his tummy is pushed – an adorable addition which teaches speech and really brings the toy to life. Tristan’s favourite is ‘3, 2, 1, blast off!’ which of course is imperative for shooting a speedy scooter across the room.

Henry is a Disney Junior character with his own TV series telling stories of his friends and family, which are aimed at pre-school children and although it originated in America, has been dubbed with English accents for UK audiences. This is quite a big plus-point for me, as I want to encourage well-spoken English and sometimes Tristan is confused by American pronunciation, so it is fantastic to have a toy with this characteristic.

HenryHugglemonsterRoarsomeScooter1Since getting this, we have watched some of the programmes (which we actually weren’t aware of before) and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our son light-up with the recognition of the character on the screen and learning more about his world. The Henry Hugglemonster Roarsome Scooter is a brilliant compliment to the TV programme, urging children to interact with a fun, friendly character and use their motor and language skills.

This item retails at £14.99 in a large variety of toy stores, an extremely reasonable cost for such a multi-functional toy and I would recommend it to anyone with a young child. Top marks Henry!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £14.99

Suitable age: 3-6 years

Available from www.goldenbeartoys.com or Amazon here.


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