HipChips – crisps and dips café and bar Review


Reviewed by Sabrina Fancy

Looking for somewhere to eat in London with adults or children? Fancy something a bit different? Enter HipChips – crisps and dips café and bar! Having opened a year ago in the heart of Soho, HipChips is a café offering handmade chips (crisps) and a variety of sweet and savoury dips which are quite fancy!

These multi-coloured crisps are a result of the different variety of potatoes used, according to seasonality. The crisps are thickly sliced, crispy on the outside and chewy towards the middle and taste very fresh, unsurprising since they are handmade in the shop! They are kept under a light which prevents them from being soggy because light evaporates liquids.

The dips are lovely, and there is a great variety to choose from in sweet and savoury options, we were spoiled for choice!

The portions are very generous. We were also allowed to sample the various dips prior to selecting some for our box. There were plenty of crisps for the two of us and we were able to have a half and half mixture of salt and sweet (sprinkled with cinnamon sugar) so that we could enjoy the dessert dips.

We decided on the cheese fondue, Katsu curry and Beetroot & Lemongrass. The sweet dips included the chocolate praline mousse dips and the crème brûlée.

Our favourite was the Beetroot & Lemongrass, but they were all delicious!

Everything came beautifully presented in a posh box…

Everything was very fresh and tasty, unlike anything I have tried in the past. The prices are also very reasonable:

Small 2 dips £4.50
Medium 3 dips £6.75
Large 6 dips £11.50

We had the large size between the two of us, but there was too much for us.

Overall, a very affordable, fast and delicious experience. Definitely worth a visit!

Rating: 5/5

For more information visit www.hipchips.com.

HipChips, 49 Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 6HL | 020 7287 3114

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