Hollyoaks Roscoe Brothers Interview


We were delighted to interview Ayden Callaghan (Joe), Charlie Clapham (Freddie) and Fabrizio Santino (Ziggy) who play three of the Roscoe brothers on Hollyoaks.   This is what they had to say…..

Interviewed by Jackie Page-Streeton

How are you all finding Hollyoaks so far?
Ayden – I’m finding it to be a great deal of fun, challenging and surprising (in a good way) I feel very at home here.

Charlie – It’s great, a brilliant place to work and I’ve settled in brilliantly, I do love it here.

Fabrizio – Great, it’s a fantastic opportunity to work as a full time actor and a way to sharpen your tools. I’m working with a superb bunch of actors, directors and writers, which I’m hoping can only help me improve.

The Roscoe family caused quite a stir upon arrival in the village, is this a sign of things to come?
Ayden – I think given that we are a large, colourful family there was always going to be a reaction and I’m pleased it has caused a stir both on and off screen. It’s safe to say that it certainly is a sign of things to come – the Roscoe’s will be making waves as a group and individuals in a big way.

Charlie – Without doubt, I think the Roscoes would find it hard to keep quiet even if their lives depended on it and it’s exciting to be a part of a family like that!

Fabrizio – Absolutely, there’ll be plenty of drama, conflict, attitude, sex appeal and… Ziggy. I can’t wait to see how the characters develop.

What does the family business mean to the boys?
Ayden – The business means a lot, it’s been in the family for at least a generation given that their Dad used to run it – it’s a kind of identity. On a basic level it’s important because it’s what puts food on the table but also it’s something that they can put positive energy into and for Joe it represents him trying to make something of his life and for his family.

Charlie – It’s loaded with tradition, of family members that have passed and right through the ranks of the current crop as well as being the bread winner!

Fabrizio – Everything, they are a very head strong, macho, proud family and they won’t allow anyone messing with them or anything getting in their way!

What lengths would the Roscoe boys go to save the garage?
Ayden – I think in their own individual ways they would each go to pretty extreme lengths, not for the garage as a building, but because it is their lifeblood.

Charlie – Extraordinary ones!

Fabrizio – They’ll do whatever it takes to keep the business together, whatever it takes…

Ziggy organises a topless carwash to raise money, were the other brothers eager to display their pecks or did they need persuading?
Ayden –
Well Joe and Freddie certainly didn’t expect to be part of it, but the brothers are always game for a bit of fun so I guess they didn’t need their arms twisting that much.

Charlie – I have a few tattoos and I’m not in bad nick so I didn’t mind too much, some might have enjoyed it more than others šŸ˜‰

Fabrizio – As we are quite a masculine family (men of men) we all keep in very good shape and work very hard so we don’t really need much persuading to take our tops off.

Does this mean the viewers can look forward to a display of torsos?
Ayden – Well they will just have to wait and see on that one.

Charlie – I would certainly think so!

Fabrizio – Absolutely, there will be a lot of that going on.

Who has the best torso?
Ayden – I don’t think that’s for me to judge, that’s for those watching surely. We are quite different so there’s probably a flavour for everyone there.

Charlie – Everyone looks fit and healthy, and we all have very different body shapes and looks, but Alfie who plays Jason is probably the most ripped up pound for pound, the kid looks like a young Tom Hardy!

Fabrizio – Ziggy of course! Haha

What are the consequences of Freddie taking matters into his own hands?
Ayden – Well as with everything Freddie does there are always consequences and they have quite an impact on Joe, particularly as he always feels the responsibility to shoulder and sort out any problems.

Charlie – Well let’s be honest, it’s never good when that happens.

Fabrizio – Very hit and miss as he doesn’t really have good control over his emotions. He thinks he’s helping but sometimes it makes things worse.

With Joe being the eldest, does he feel responsible for the others?
Ayden – Joe absolutely feels responsible for the others to a fault actually, he feels he has broad enough shoulders to take on these problems and keep it from upsetting or affecting his loved ones.

Charlie – Most definitely and Freddie doesn’t help matters.

Fabrizio – Yes he does. He’s taken on the father role and filling the old man’s shoes. The Lion as we call him.

What can the fans look forward to from the Roscoe family?
Ayden – Fans can look forward to lots of fun, love, passion and shenanigans as well as rows, drama, tantrums and a few punch ups. Their lives have been up and down, round and round like a rollercoaster so expect plenty of thrills and spills, a white knuckle ride for sure.

Charlie – Love, unity, conflict, carnage, humour . . . we’ve got the lot it seems. Fabrizio and I have even started calling ourselves the “Suproscoes” because there’s just no rest for this bunch of maniacs!!!!!!!

Fabrizio – Drama, drama, drama and even more drama….. and the odd topless scene.

Watch Hollyoaks weekdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, or catch the First Look episode at 7.00pm on E4. 

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