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HLDotSleepsuitSleepsuit & Mitten Gift Set


Reviewed by Sian Manning

We received Sleepsuit & Mitten Gift Set from Hook & Loopy to review for my 3 month old daughter, she weighs 9lb so we opted for the 0-3 month size (available in sizes from newborn to 9 months).

They came beautifully packaged in a lovely Hook & Loopy branded postal bag, inside wrapped in tissue paper were the garments.

Taking out the baby grow it looked a little on the small side for 0-3, and measuring it up against other sleepsuits we have for Emily it was a similar size to Mothercare’s newborn, just something to bear in mind when ordering.

They are a beautiful quality, the cotton is lovely and soft and the fit is great, Emily looked lovely and comfortable in her sleepsuit ready for bed. One thing to note is that there were quite a few lose threads inside the baby grow so do have a look in the feet and make sure there aren’t any that could get tangled around tiny toes.

The Velcro, instead of poppers, made getting her dressed super easy and quick! I was a little sceptical about its durability and whether she would still be done up in the morning but the hooks and loops held fast and she was still perfectly dressed in the morning, nappy changes were a quick easy process in the middle of the night for once, no skipping poppers and getting them in the wrong order or fumbling in the dark!

The mittens are great too they stayed on for a whole day, she didn’t manage to knock, pull or wriggle them off. Definitely far better than any other scratch mitts we have tried in the past and they look a lot nicer too. The Velcro really works well to keep them on and keep sharp little nails away from delicate faces.


They are a decent size so will fit for a good while and even if your baby is not a scratcher, at this time of the year they are great for keeping little hands warm. Especially if they sleep with their arms up like Emily does.

They both wash well, there is no bobbling, colour runs or any other undesirable traits.

The sleepsuit is perfect for either a little boy or girl as it has a lovely neutral polka dot design in green and grey on white, with yellow piping, with two cute little Hook & Loopy characters. The mitts are a mustard yellow, again perfect for either a baby boy or girl.


The set would make the perfect gift for a new baby, a christening, an Easter gift or any other occasion you could think of.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £25

Availalbe to buy from Hook & Loopy here.

4 Star

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