How do you do, Mr Gnu? Review

by Billy Coughlan & Maddie Frost


Reviewed by David Savage

Books are a big thing in our house. The twins, age 4, love books. They love flicking through and looking at the pictures, reciting the story and even making up their own stories to the pictures. Reading, or being read to, is something that should be encouraged in all children. It’s not only great for bedtime, but is good for bonding and improving education by helping with speech, language and communication skills and imagination.

We are always looking out for new books and love reading books from Maverick children’s books. So when How do you do, Mr Gnu?, written by Billy Coughlan and illustrated by Maddie Frost, in the post the boy’s couldn’t wait to pick it and have it read to them.

How do you do, Mr Gnu? is about an antelope that receives an invitation in the post inviting him for tea with the Queen. Before this very important meeting Mr Gnu decides he needs to improve his manners.

Mr Gnu sets off for the Palace and brushes up on his manners from the other animals (dog, crow, dinosaur and more) along the way. But will his manners be up to scratch when he meets the Queen? To find out if his manners are up to scratch when he meets Her Majesty you will have to read the book for yourself.

We found How do you do, Mr Gnu to be an excellent book. Beautifully illustrated by Maddie Frost, it is bright and colourful and complements very well. A fun story that both boys loved, often asking each other “How do you do?”

If 4 year olds find it entertaining and fun then there can’t be a better endorsement.

A great fun book.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99 (paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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