How To Con Your Kid Review


How To Con You Kid
by David Borgenicht and James Grace

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

As soon as I saw the title of this book I knew I wanted to review it as us parents could always use a little extra help when it comes to our kids and our day to day lives.

The bright blue cover and the yellow duck make this book eye-catching and it looked like an amusing read.

The book covers a wide variety of situations where parents may need to 'Con Their Kids'.

The book is divided up into different chapters:
Grooming ConsThis covers everything from hair and teeth brushing to taking medicines.
Getting Ready ConsLoads of useful cons for dressing to going to school.
Behavioural ConsThis explains how to help your child when meeting new people, surviving a plane journey with a child, how to stop a child cry and plenty more.
Household ConsFrom learning how to share to getting your kids to help tidy up. Lots of useful tips in this section.
Mealtime and Bedtime ConsMy favourite chapter as this is where we struggle most.

This parenting manual is a stroke of genius and is a real ally for us parents.

I will be keeping this book hidden from the kids though as the back cover says 'THE BOOK YOUR CHILDREN DON'T WANT YOU TO READ'.

Parents 1 Children 0

Rating: 5/5

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