Huggies Little Swimmers Review


Huggies Little Swimmers

These are great. A nappy designed to wear while swimming.

I regularly take our 1 year old swimming and these are great for stopping any accidents in the pool and any embarrassing moments.

They are very easy to open and close pull-ups. They stayed secure (even with all the leg movement from kicking in the water) and didn’t soak up all the pool and expand to large size. I didn’t notice any significant water absorption. They stayed pretty much the same size as when we got in the pool.

I was very impressed with these and our daughter seemed comfortable wearing them.  I will be buying these again with confidence and would definitely recommend them.

These came in a variety sizes (I tried size 5 with a Finding Nemo design). There are 11 in a size 5 pack (11-18kg).

Rating: 5 out of 5

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