Ice Age 4 for Xbox Review


Ice Age 4
Continental Drift
Artic Games

Reviewed by David Savage

Ice Age 4 is 10 mini games that can be played alone or with a friend. The Free Play mode allows you to select the game you want to play and alone or multiplayer. The tournament mode is to play against yours friends and then you have Story Mode which can be played alone. You can hop across icebergs, break ice, race down mountains and lots more. You start by selecting your character and your game play (story, free or tournament) and off you go.

I started by playing the Free Play games to get the feel for and was exhausted in 10 minutes with all the jumping around (especially when trying to break ice). The tournament play, needless to say, was the same except that I lost to a child every time but is much more entertaining when competition against someone else. The story mode lets you play alone and you have to beat the other clan with a better time and score.

Overall: This is a good fun family and child friendly game – if you are fit enough to play it, if not the kids will beat you every time. The look and feel of the game is excellent with great looking Ice Age scenes and will appeal to children. Definitely a game much more suited for children but great fun or a great way to exercise – you choose.  If anybody had looked through my window they would have thought I was a lunatic just jumping up and down and moving my head from side to side in front of the television. You will need Kinect to be able to play this game.

Rating: 4/5

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