Iceland Roast Dinner Review


Roast Dinner

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

A feast fit for a king, a Queen and a Little Princess! …

What’s Good To Do were lucky enough to be sent a whole family roast dinner to try with love from Iceland! A difficult job, but somebody had to do it!

Our mouth watering feast consisted of a HUGE breaded gammon joint which serves 8 – 10 people (£10), roasted vegetables (£1.50), goose fat roast potatoes (£1.50) and sprouts with chestnuts (£1.50).  The packaging showed the items in lovely festive settings and set the mood for a delicious seasonal meal.

The joint took 3.5 hours to cook form frozen (only 2.5 hours if defrosted) and was a huge hit with all of my family! It was soft and tender with fabulous flavours. It sliced easily and as there were only three of us sampling this incredible feast, there was enough Gammon to have for 3 future meals, as well as using the smaller bits from cutting in a pasta dish and a soup!

The roasted vegetables oozed flavour as did the sprouts, and the chestnuts were deliciously soft and gave a lovely seasonal feel to the whole meal.

The total cost of our banquet was £14.50 – a perfect alternative if you are looking for something ‘a little bit different’ this year for your Christmas meal; and at a cost that won’t break the bank!

For these and further ideas for your Christmas entertaining have a look instore on online at – there is even a Christmas magazine, full of inspirational food ideas for parties for the big day itself!

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