Ideal Home Show 2013 Review


Ideal Home Show 2013
Earls Court, London

15 March – 1 April 2013

Reviewed by Natasha Allen

I travelled by train from the South Coast to visit the show with my partner and son. I have to say this really isn’t my partners "thing" and so could have been a disaster day out. When entering the exhibition centre there are around 10 steps to negotiate. We had the baby’s buggy but this certainly wasn’t a problem as staff immediately offer to help as soon as they see you approach.

An official showguide is available for £5 but if you purchase one you get a free goody bag which contains an Organic Tomato Sauce, bottle of Appetiser, sample box of Yorkshire Tea as well as various leaflets.

We visited on the first Sunday that the show was on. Although very busy we comfortably moved around despite the odd bottle neck around demonstrations. My partner hates crowds but even he didn’t have a problem.

I had visited the show last year whilst pregnant and admired a stand. It consisted of contemporary pictures of letter to make names. I didn't then know what sex my little bean would be and so couldn’t purchase anything. I was very happy to see the same stand this year and so made a purchase from Alphabet Photography ( Michael was very helpful and was happy to show you what your required name would look like. We could only afford the pictures but not the frame and he excepted this and explained that if we did want the frame we could purchase it from the website at a later date and so I didn’t feel pressurised to spend money I didn’t have. It'll look great on my Son's wall and something I can enjoy when he no longer wants it.

Like everyone at the moment our fuel bills have soared recently and so I took the opportunity to look around the Low Cost Living House. This certainly gave me some food for thought and we are now considering the Solar Panels for the roof. Information was available on all aspects of the house including literature on the Government’s Green Deal.

We made our way upstairs where is it is mostly smaller stands. Here we found many independent food and drinks and enjoyed a Wild Boar with Apple sausage from Supreme Sausages Limited. After having this we were enticed by many samples of food and drink as we made our way around and I didn’t want to be rude by declining. Food and drink was expensive but no more so than other venues of this kind.

We regularly saw staff emptying the rubbish bins and ensuring areas were clean. All staff we spoke to were pleasant and helpful. Nothing seemed too much trouble for them. Although the washroom facilities were busy, queues were kept to a minimum by having an in and out system. All facilities were clean and well stocked.

I would definitely recommend the show to anyone thinking of visiting and even my partner said he enjoyed it. This in itself is high praise indeed. I will definitely be saving my pennies for more purchases next year.

Rating: 5/5

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