Important Features Everyone Should Have In Their Garden


You might not be thinking about the garden much at this time of year. There’s not much going on since the flowers are dying off, and before long the ground will become too icy and hard for much to thrive. However, there are some practical features that are useful to have come rain or shine. Is yours missing any of these key pieces?

A Shed

A shed is an essential feature in any garden. They protect your tools from getting wet and damaged, and will also prevent them from being stolen too. It’s advisable not to leave things like spades and ladders at the back of your property since thieves can use them to gain access to your home. Instead, make sure everything is locked away with a good quality padlock on the door. Garden sheds come in a huge range of sizes and materials so have a think about what would work best for you. Are you after something more elaborate that will double up as a workshop? Or just a little lockup to keep your lawn mower and strimmer safe from the rain?

A Compost Heap

A compost heap is something any home with a garden can get on board with, in a bid to help the environment. When waste is broken down in the garden it’s not being sent to landfill or incinerators and where it causes toxic gases and uses resources like fossil fuels to burn it. Fruit and vegetable waste, egg shells, tea bags and cardboard can all go onto the compost heap. As a bonus, you get free compost for your garden from it too!

A Greenhouse

A greenhouse can be cold, warm or hot depending on what you’re growing in it. Even with no heating at all (known as a ‘cold frame’) greenhouses can be really useful additions to the garden. They can protect your less hardy bulbs and plants and stop them from becoming waterlogged and frozen over the winter. This means you’re not constantly repurchasing new flowers for your pots and beds every year, as your plants can survive the winter and be re-planted out in spring. If you’re a more keen gardener you can adjust the temperature and prolong the growing season of your produce. You could invest in a full sized greenhouse, or just go with a little lean-to to keep a selection of your plants safe from the frost.

Table and Chairs

One of the best things about having a garden, is that when the weather is good it gives you what is essentially a whole other ‘room’ in the home to use and entertain in. You’ll get plenty of use from this in the spring and summer, but actually it can be used on dry days in the autumn and winter too. Events like bonfire night or hosting an autumn barbeque means you need seats for everyone. If you invest in a firepit or outside fireplace too everyone will stay warm while you enjoy the outdoors.

Do you have all of these things in your garden?

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