Inch Blue Baby Shoes Review


Inch Blue Baby Shoes

Reviewed by Paul Harvey

These baby shoes came in their own transparent thick plastic pouch with a carry handle and as such are very well presented.

These baby shoes are a very striking design in light green soft leather material with a decorative apple on the front (lots of other styles and colours are available). They are ideal for a young baby crawling or learning to walk, as they also have an anti-slip type sole, especially on laminate flooring! Around the upper ankle these shoes are elasticated which helps prevent them falling off.

Although they are made of a soft leather, the heel could potentially rub a young baby’s ankle if worn for long periods without socks/tights.

Overall these lovely shoes are a good quality, hard wearing product ideal for young children. They are probably worth the £18 due to this and the packaging.

I would recommend these to anyone with young babies who are constantly on the go!

Rating: 4/5

Buy from Inch Blue here.

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