Inch Loss Pilates with Lynne Robinson DVD Review


Inch Loss Pilates with Lynne Robinson

Reviewed by Alex Venn

Pilates is praised for toning and strengthening the body. When I heard about this DVD I was quietly excited. I struggle to find time to exercise due to a new baby, and the prospect of doing so in the comfort of my home was very appealing. The adverts (and Lynne herself in the introduction on the DVD) claim that you can have a long, lean silhouette, and target problems areas – perfect!

Firstly I have to say that the sound quality is good. Many fitness DVD’s have music in the background, and are in gyms with an echo. Although there is music in this one it is quiet and relaxing, and you can quite easily hear what Lynne is saying without having the volume blaring. There is also no ‘clutter’ – No excess gym equipment in the background or a large class of people, just Lynne and the demonstration lady, which makes it easier to focus on what she is saying. The fundamentals section shows the basics of Pilates – Alignment, Breathing and Centring, and the introduction is informative. This is great for beginners like myself, but takes a little while to watch. You can easily navigate the menu, and the extra features (a mini workout with weights to add onto a main work out, and further fundamentals) are a nice addition. There are 2 workouts of approx. 40 minutes each. If you leave the DVD playing, the next workout automatically starts which is great if you want to do both – although at the start of each routine the fundamentals are quickly re-explained, so you do have to wait a few minutes for the exercises to re-start. Each exercise is well explained and demonstrated, and you don’t need fancy gym equipment – not even gym clothes or trainers (it is done barefooted and leggings and a comfy top will be fine).

This is not a fitness DVD that you can pick up and get on with straight away as you need to watch the fundamentals first. Similarly it is not a full work out – it provides no CV training. Although exercises are well described, it isn’t really explained what each one is designed to achieve and as there are only 2 workouts and Lynne suggests that you complete 3 hours a week (or a little each day) to achieve the results they could get slightly repetitive – each exercise also takes a while as she explains things so well, so this is by no means an intensive workout.

Overall, I think that this DVD is good for beginners who have the time to be able to appreciate it properly, and can add CV to their lifestyles at other points. Only time will tell if I indeed ‘lose some inches’, but completing the exercises I can feel how they would work and it is a peaceful way to add strength and toning training to your fitness routine, a couple of times a week. An enjoyable introduction to Pilates, but perhaps not the full workout that some would hope for – if you want fast paced maybe Zumba is your thing. As for me – I’ll stick it out. If I end up looking like either of the demonstration ladies it is well worth it!

Rating: 4/5

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