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Reviewed by Kathryn Harrison

Seascape-Island Apothecary are a brand of luxury bath and body products made from 100% British ingredients with a big emphasis on ingredients from the island of Jersey. This isn’t a brand I’m familiar with so I was excited to try out some of the products.

The first thing I tried was the Les Petits Duo Gift Set (RRP: £18), this is a set for children and includes a hair and body wash as well as a body lotion both are a 300ml bottle. This gift set comprised of each bottle inside a cardboard box with the two boxes surrounded by a cardboard sleeve. From the feel of the boxes you can immediately tell this is a luxury brand as the cardboard felt thick and of good quality. I used the hair and body wash when bathing my 9 month old daughter, it bubbled up nicely and worked brilliantly at cleaning up my very messy eater. My daughter has a full head of wavy hair and often gets it full of food when she’s eating so I was impressed with how this wash cleaned her hair well without feeling too harsh on her baby soft locks. The body wash contains 100% natural essential oils of Jersey lavender, chamomile and mandarin and is enriched with Jersey honey. After her bath I used the body lotion which felt nice to apply and wasn’t at all greasy. My daughters skin felt lovely and soft after we used it.  The body lotion contains 100% natural essential oils of Jersey lavender and chamomile, shea butter, olive oil and beeswax. As both the wash and lotion contain lavender and chamomile the fragrances complimented each other, it was a lovely smell however not one I would automatically associate with small children. It seemed to me like a more mature smell that wouldn’t be out of place in an adults gift set.

Next to try was the Awake Oil/ Sleep Oil Duo Gift Set £RRP: £18), for adults.The gift set contains 8ml of each oil within individual cardboard boxes which were then packaged together within a larger box. The design and colours of the boxes are pleasing to the eye and definitely ooze quality. I first tried the sleep oil, it comes in a small glass bottle with a screw on lid covering roller ball. To apply you roll the ball on either your temples or wrists, I choose to apply the oil to my temples. The oil contains 100% natural essential oil of lavender to relax and calm plus three other fruit and flower essential oils, this results in a pleasant fragrance that smells mainly of lavender. The oil promises to aid sleep or relaxation and it definitely delivered on that promise. Often I find it hard to drop off to sleep as my brain is constantly in action making it difficult to shut down however every night I have used this I’ve been asleep within minutes! Its brilliant! My daughter doesn’t sleep through the night yet and regularly wakes twice in the night, after I have woken up and fed her I sometimes find it hard to settle again and find myself awake long after she has gone to sleep. On the nights I used the sleep oil that didn’t happen though, after getting back into bed I found I was asleep almost instantly. I didn’t reapply the oil so I wasn’t expecting that to happen but I was most pleasantly surprised when it did. It was nice to read on the packaging that the soothe oil is fragranced with pregnancy safe oils, as lots of pregnant women have difficulties sleeping I certainly think this oil could help.

In the morning I tried the Awake Oil, again this oil comes in a glass bottle with a roller ball which I used to apply the oil to my temples. This oil contains 100% natural essential oils of Jersey eucalyptus to stimulate circulation, lime to energise the body and lavender to refresh the senses with grape seed and sweet almond oils to complete the blend. It had an invigorating fragrance which stimulated the senses. I didn’t feel particularly more awake or alert after using the oil but in fairness that could have more to do with the fact I have two small children, one of whom doesn’t sleep through the night. It regularly takes a lot of caffeine for me to feel awake so it isn’t necessarily a negative reflection on the oil.

These gift sets were clearly luxury items and it was clear from the information on the packaging that this is an ethical company with a commitment to using british ingredients,  sustainable packaging and reducing its carbon footprint. If you are looking to treat someone this Christmas to something a bit different from all the standard smellies gift sets you find everywhere you won’t be disappointed with the Seascape-Island Apothecary range.

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