IOU’s For Children Review


IOU'S Versatile Vouchers for Very Lovely Children

Reviewed by Michelle Wells

The packaging these cards come in is very simple but effective.

I love that the cards come in a little plastic box so you can keep them safe. The cards are very bright with some lovely pictures. There are 50 cards in a pack to choose from.

When I showed my 8 year old daughter these she was jumping around the room, she was excited. We have had a good look at all the cards and she loved the 'Stay in your Pyjamas All Day' card and the 'Boogie disco at home card'. My daughter has now decided if she makes her bed all week she can have the disco. You reward your children's good behaviour with a card, they can then exchange it for what is on the card.

Overall I think these cards are fantastic!! These are great as a reward system for your children. A great fun improvement on a reward chart. I will be recommending these..

Buy from Two Little Boys here.

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