Jackson Live in Concert starring Who’s Bad at the Grove Theatre Dunstable Review

12 March 2018


Reviewed by Sandra McGhee

On Monday night (12 March 2018) I went to see Jackson Live in Concert starring Who’s Bad at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable.

Where do I start? No better way to get rid of those Monday blues? The perfect remedy is to spend the night at the local theatre going back in time to the 80s/90s watching a tribute act to Michael Jackson.

Upon entering the foyer to collect my tickets there was already quite a crowded bar/reception area indicating a good audience and happy vibe/atmosphere. Upon taking our seats in row L we noticed, and was impressed by, loads of younger boys/obvious fans in the audience dressed as Michael Jackson and taking the evening seriously with their hats/gloves and superb outfits/costumes etc. This alone was a lovely thing to witness, most of these kids were only aged 6 or 7 but there was also a few grown men that came out in full costume who later on we saw dance in the aisles (along with loads of other women/girls/couples all enjoying themselves), these were true Michael Jackson dedicated fans who came out in force. I’m not sure how far they travelled but all these boys/men/women were true Michael Jackson fans no doubt about that and not forgetting all the lovely ladies that was enjoying themselves dancing/grooving the night away to this spectacular show throughout the evening.

The tribute band Who’s Bad, founded in 2003, came all the way from the US. They previously, and not surprisingly, had sell out tours in 2009 and 2010 with a significant reputation as the world’s longest running and most popular tribute to our King of Pop! I can understand why as they were jaw-dropping the entire evening. The whole show from start to finish was absolutely amazing, such a high energy band who impressed us with their singing, dancing and the support band was fantastic also. I think if this show had been on a Thurs/Fri/Sat the audience would have been much fuller.

James Times III, who played Michael, has been a fan of his since the age 3, also self-taught, which is incredible.

The band did their utmost and succeeded in getting the audience participation! The hit “The way you make me feel” consisted of Michael getting someone called Tracey from the audience up on stage and dancing jiving together the whole way through, one brave lady, this was an added bonus to our entertainment. Every act we listened to could have been the real deal, the voice throughout every single song was just brilliant. All the usual Michael Jackson songs were covered, including Thriller, Moonwalk, Bille Jean etc.

I’ve been to see ‘Thriller” in London and tonight’s show was just as sensational as the West End. Every single song, amazing!

You can’t let this pass you by, if you get the opportunity to see this show you must book. It was a fantastic credit to Michael Jackson and not forgetting seeing the famous Moonwalk. Each and every member deserves recognition for bringing such a great show together!

Rating: 5/5

Jackson Live in Concert starring Who’s Bad are currently touring the UK, for more information and tour dates visit www.sweeneyentertainments.co.uk/jackson-whos-bad.

For other shows at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable visit www.grovetheatre.co.uk or call the box office on 01582 602080.

Grove Theatre, Grove Park, Court Drive, Dunstable, LU5 4GP | 01582 602080

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