Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar Bath January 2014 Review


Reviewed by Sarah Hicks

We spent a lovely day out in the beautiful Roman Spa town of Bath – unfortunately the towns surrounding were not enhanced today by lovely weather – in fact it was a cold miserable January day, but a lovely lunch certainly did enhance my family’s day!

Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar is a restaurant which has an all you can eat concept and is based a stone’s throw from the Bath Spa railway station. As we approached the restaurant we noticed that it was surrounded by other eateries (mainly household names common to most town centres), none looked particularly busy, but when we went into Jimmy’s (it’s on the 1st floor, but does have lift access so buggies/wheelchairs are fine) we could see straight away where everyone in Bath was having their lunch!

It’s a large venue, with seating all based around the food service areas, as mentioned, it was busy on the Saturday afternoon that we visited, but there was plenty of space for us and we were seated very quickly by Safdar – (I believe, the duty manager) by the window, but had a great view of the kitchen “theatre” going on at the food service stations.

As we hadn’t visited a “Jimmy’s” before we were invited to tour the food service area with Safdar, he talked us threw the dishes on offer, from Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Italian and explained what was available at various “live” stations – such as naan bread cooked to order, choose your own ingredients, stir-fry, a meat grilling station, and then the one that made my children’s eyes light up – the mix your own flavour ice cream station.  Safdar was keen that we took full advantage of all on offer and said you must eat as much as you can! – well we were certainly up for the challenge!! We then took our seats again and ordered drinks. We all chose soft drinks but I did notice a great selection of cocktails and “mocktails” available by the glass or jug in the drinks menu on the table. Staff also offered a jug of water for the table which I thought was a nice touch. Our drinks arrived very promptly and then we hit the food area!

As mentioned we’d gone to Jimmy’s as a family of 4 – so had some smaller appetites to keep happy as well as some bigger ones! – My daughter is 6 (and a half as she informed the waiter) and my son is 4, so the 1st job was to keep them happy which was actually a very easy task.  Lily is less adventurous than my son and predictably stayed with more familiar food – i.e. pizza, chips and salad, but she was happy and as anyone with children knows, if they are happy, it makes the parents life 10 times easier! Sid had gone to fill his plate with Daddy and came back with some of the same familiar items but also spring rolls, pakora chicken and poppadoms! They both got stuck in, as did my husband and myself – Dave went for a mainly Indian based 1st plateful and myself a little bit of anything and everything that caught my eye! Including sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice, salad and onion bhaji’s. We all enjoyed what we’d chosen and then went up for seconds (you just take fresh plates and leave the used ones on the table, the waiting staff were very attentive and cleared the old plates as soon as was clear that they were finished with)  2nd time round Sid chose some noodles and really enjoyed watching them being cooked – he got back the table with tales of a big pan and huge flames – Dave and I went for a little more of the same really – a little bit of everything – all very enjoyable.

By this stage the children (whose thoughts are never far away from pudding) were keen to investigate the desserts station further. 1st visit involved that ever popular item – the chocolate fountain – come to think of it, so did visits 2, 3 and 4!!! It was certainly a winner although they did also select some melon and pineapple – with some ice cream in the middle – made to their own order – which basically meant it was mashed and smashed with Smarties, mini eggs & Malteasers – again great theatre, which I’m sure makes the finished product even more tasty!

We had a great time as a family – the children were especially welcomed into the environment – in fact most other tables in the restaurant were families – the chefs and the waiting staff made a big fuss of them all which was lovely. The style of eating is also really well suited to families – the children don’t have to order something without seeing it first, they don’t have to wait around whilst someone mysteriously disappears off to cook it, everyone can try a little of everything and if something isn’t to taste then it’s no problem – just choose something else. There is a 2 hour sitting limit – but we were done after about an hour and a half so think this would be plenty long enough to get your fill, prices vary according to when you visit and they also do a special eat as much as you like Sunday roast – which sounds great.

To sum up, a lovely venue, in a lovely city. The food was great, tasty and varied, the décor was fitting with a huge Chinese dragon painted on one wall which really caught my daughter imagination. The service was attentive but not intrusive and the staff there really seemed to care about your dining experience. I would definitely recommend it as a place to eat in Bath and would love to visit again. A big round of applause to Jimmy’s Bath and a well deserved 5/5 from me!

Rating: 5/5

For more information, to view menus or to book a table visit www.jimmysrestaurants.com.


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