Justin Moorhouse Destiny Calling at The Lowry Review


justinmoorhouseJustin Moorhouse, Destiny Calling
The Lowry, Manchester

13 September 2015


Reviewed by Colin Rogers

I’ve liked Justin Moorhouse since he appeared in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights as Young Kenny and when he was a DJ on Manchester commercial radio key103, so I was really pleased that I got to go see his new show, Destiny Calling, and do a review, which was no let down as I did not stop laughing from beginning to end.

The main storyline of a mid-life crisis of being 45 was very funny indeed with his jokes and getting the audience involved asking them where they come from and what they do for a living in which he took the seconds to make us laugh from comments about what they replied with.

I don’t want to give too much away but a story about a trip to the dispensing chemist referring it to ‘the Medical Argos’ had the crowd in fits of laughter.

They were also filming this one to bring out on DVD.

A must see show and I’ll look forward to seeing him live again.

Justin Moorhouse’s DVD of the night’s show at The Lowry, Destiny calling, is due out later this year (and I will be getting this).

An absolutely brilliant and hilarious show.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information on Justin Moorhouse and tour dates visit www.justinmoorhouse.com.

For other shows at The Lowry visit www.thelowry.com.

The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3AZ | 0843 208 6000


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