Keeping Your Furry Friend Happy: How To Take Care Of Your Dog While You Work Full Time


One question that people who are looking to get a dog ask more than just about any other is “can I take care of a dog while still working full time?” Now, the short answer to this question is yes, sometimes. Having a dog is a huge responsibility. The classic phrase “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” might be a cliche but it’s definitely true. Depending on the age of the dog that you adopt, you could be taking care of it for more than a decade. So that means that you need to be willing to make some adjustments in your life to accommodate your new furry friend. Now, some dogs aren’t able to be left alone for long stretches of time. This can be for a variety of different reasons, if you’re adopting an older dog they may not be used to being on their own and will become very upset, and if you’re adopting a puppy, then they simply might not be ready to be left unattended. (Unless you particularly like the idea of your house getting torn apart while you’re gone.) But if you get the right dog for your lifestyle then there’s nothing to say that they won’t be just fine while you’re out at work. That being said, even if you get a dog that you can leave on their own during the day, there are some important things that you should always make sure that you’re doing. Here are three ways to take care of your dog while you work full time.


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The biggest concern when it comes to being a pet parent who works full time is that your dog might not be getting all of the exercise that they need. Once again, this comes down to the type of dog that you have. Some breeds of dog just don’t need as much exercise as others. Some breeds will only need a couple of short walks a day, while others will want to run around for hours at a time. Now, before you imagine that you’ll never have the time to help your pooch get all the exercise that they need, don’t worry. You can; you just need to make some adjustments. For one thing, it’s probably a good idea to get used to waking up pretty early. If you have to get to work in the morning, then it’s a good idea to take your dog for a walk as soon as you both wake up. This will help them to burn off some energy so that they are happier and more relaxed during the day. It also allows them to relieve themselves so that you don’t come home to any unfortunate accidents. Of course, there will always be dogs who aren’t able to cope with the long period between walks if you work full time. If this is the case, then there are plenty of dog walking services that can make life much more pleasant for both you and your dog.

Give them things to play with

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One of the biggest fears that people have is that their dog will destroy the house while they’re away. No one wants to come home to see that their sofa has been torn to shreds and the TV has fallen on the floor. One of the best ways to combat this is to set the dog up with a space that they can play, and toys that they can chew on throughout the day. Even something as simple as a cardboard box filled with paper will do. If you simply fill the box with treats and toys, then your dog will focus their destructive attention on that instead of on your precious furniture.

No more late nights

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Even if your dog is fine with you being out at work all day, you really don’t want to leave them for too long. If you usually go out for a few drinks after work that keeps you out well into the night, then you either want to make sure there is someone around to walk the dog and give them some attention, or you’re going to have to start adjusting your plans. Like I said, having a dog is a big responsibility and if you’re not prepared to make and adjustments to your lifestyle based around it, then you might want to think about a different pet.

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