Kingdom by Robyn Young Review


Two Nations One Destiny
Written by Robyn Young

Reviewed by Debbie Douglas

Robyn Young’s Kingdom is the conclusion to the trilogy about Robert Bruce and the Battle of Bannockburn. I haven’t read the first two books but I didn’t find that this spoiled my enjoyment of the book as it was set in a particular period of time. I will now make a point of finding the other two books to read.

The book has a useful glossary of terms used and a family tree of the succession to the Scottish throne which I did need to refer to throughout the book. This is a historical novel so the reader should be aware that as with all novels of this nature the author has made her own assumptions and may have changed some historical facts.

Kingdom is incredibly well written. The book brings the characters to life so vividly you can almost hear the horses shouting, smell the bloodshed and feel like you could reach out and touch the scarred faces. History has never been so exciting the empathy for the characters is fantastic and you will want to keep on reading to find out their fate. Kingdom is almost 500 pages long so it does take you a long time to read and you do need to concentrate to understand what is happening.

In conclusion Robyn Young has been able to use the characters and plots to interweave a rich tapestry of Scottish history which may or may not be totally accurate but it is a fantastic journey to go on.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £16.99 (Hardback), £13.99 (Paperback)

Kingdom is available to buy in hardback, paperback and eBook from Hodder here.

4 half Star

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