Kozi Kidz Rain Jacket Unlined Pink Stripe Review


KoziKidzRainJacketKozi Kidz Rain Jacket
Unlined Pink Stripe


Reviewed by Angela Hood

My first impression on receiving the rain jacket from Kozi Kidz was that it was beautiful with bright colours. When I took it out of the clear plastic packaging I noticed that it is very light. It is good quality and sturdy, yet soft. The rain jacket has a zip at the front as well as brightly coloured poppers. The zip is covered at the top so there is no chance of it getting caught. The hood is detachable and has a peak at the front. At the bottom of the back of the jacket there are 3 light reflectors. There is elastic at the sides of the rain jacket. There is a sewn in name label making it easy to label before sending into school. It is also machine washable.

When I gave the Jacket to my daughter she was excited to try it on and wanted to wear it to school. The rain jacket was a size 130. My daughter is of average height for an 8 year old and is of a slim build. The rain jacket fitted well with plenty of room. She had no difficulty with the zip or poppers. She tells me that it is very comfortable.

My daughter told me that her teacher commented that she wouldn’t get lost with such a brightly coloured coat.

We took the dog for a walk in the rain and the rain jacket was indeed waterproof, the peaked hood covered her face from the rain and it did not impair her vision.

She did get a few splashes of mud on the coat which easily wiped clean.

At school my daughter had to do an activity where she carried a bucket of water. The water splashed a lot but the rain jacket kept her dry.

As the rain jacket is so light it is great for a warm rainy day. It has been perfect for wet muddy walks with the dog and will be great when we go camping as being small and light it will be easy to pack. I am quite sure that it will be well used given the rainy English weather.

The rain jacket is quite expensive (RRP £37.80) but given the lovely style and the fact that it is waterproof I would recommend this rain jacket for any child who spends time out of doors.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £37.80

Available to buy from Kozi Kidz here.

4 half Star

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