LeapFrog LeapBand Review


Reviewed by Emma Booth

I received the LeapBand by LeapFrog for my daughter who is nearly 5 years old for review. We have already got a few LeapFrog products and have always been impressed by them and they’ve always been well used by my daughter so I had high expectations of the LeapBand.

Basically it looks like a watch, we had a lovely pink one, you can get it in blue, green or orange if pink isn’t your colour. The aim is to encourage kids to get active and healthier and have loads of fun while doing so. This comes already partially charged so you can start playing straightaway. You start off by choosing a pet pal, they then can complete in activities to earn joules that you then can then spend on your virtual pet. You can follow their progress on the energy bar.

Activities included are spin like a helicopter or pop like a popcorn. As you earn more points you can unlock additional pets and other games my daughter was able to work this more or less  straightaway and love doing the crawl like a tortoise. We tried this down the park as there was more room, making a much more enjoyable activity with the added bonus of being out in the fresh air.

The LeapBand has a brilliant colour screen and the set up was easy we had great fun for ages together, with this and she doesn’t get bored as there’s always something different to do.

You can also download an app and create a LeapFrog account where you can then set challenges. As there are an extra 30+ challenges and you can see an activity report section that shows you your child’s activity over the last week.


The price is very reasonable so would make a great birthday or Christmas present, my daughter loves it. On the downside I don’t think you can adjust the volume and it only comes with a USB lead to charge, I would have preferred a mains charger with plug as I don’t have any way of charging it so have to do so over a family member’s house (you can buy a USB plug for a wall socket for about £4 or £5). It maybe could have done with a few more instructions as well. Purely because of the problem with charging (not everyone has a computer to plug into) I would give this a 4/5.

Brilliant value for money though and a great way to encourage exercise in children, the more you move the happier your pet is.

Suitable age: 4-7 years

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from LeapFrog here.

4 Star

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