LeapFrog LeapReader Review


for ages 4-8 years


Reviewed by Lisa Lambert

There are 2 LeapFrog LeapReaders, one is a junior one for ages 1-3 years and then the leap reader is for ages 4-8 years. My son and I were really happy with the product and found it extremely easy to use. See below for my views on packaging, set up, use and price.

Packaging – the LeapReader itself is the size of about 5 pens together but the box is extremely huge in comparison however it does come with a writing book called talking word factory and some extra writing sheets which is what makes the box so big.

The books are wrapped in a little bit of cardboard just to protect then and advertise that they are for the LeapReader and what age they are appropriate for.

Setting the LeapReader up – at first you need to charge the LeapReader up using the USB cable supplied. I love the idea that it is rechargeable and not batteries cause it can always be used then. It didn’t take long to charge probably about 20 minutes and it started to talk to us telling us to set it up. The actual set up is really easy you just go to the web page and it is all self-explanatory and you just follow the instructions it took me no more than 15 minutes to set it up and download the audible content for our books.

Using the LeapReader – Once we had downloaded the audible content from the internet it was so easy to use. Each book is different and focuses on different things. They teach your child to read and pronounce words, it also teaches then word sound and phonics.

Jack used the pen to decide what he wanted to do by selecting the symbols that are labelled in the front of the book. You can read the story yourself and just highlight words you are unsure of, the pen will read the story to you and you follow it, there are games to play and these are finding words and identifying sounds on the page. Jack found it really good as he likes technical things and was amazed at how it worked and knew the words on each page.


Our books were Doc McStuffins – the new girl and this is part of the read on your own series and Finding Nemo – Early reading series.

I, as a parent, was really impressed with the writing book as this is one area school has asked me to work on with Jack. The book shows them how to form the letters properly in the right stroke orders. We had Jack practice this over and over but because it was a toy and he liked it he enjoyed practicing it wasn’t like doing homework or boring things.

Overall review – I am really pleased with the product and will certainly be looking to purchase more books for Jack to help him develop his writing and reading skills over the coming months. I think the cost of the product and books are reasonable.

The LeapReader has an rrp of£39.99 (but can be purchased for around £30) and the books are £8-£15 roughly. As described above you can do lots with each book and they are for different areas of reading and writing.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £39.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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