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Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Growing up I must admit that playing schools was a real favourite of mine and I spent hours teaching my dolls and teddies new things and pretending to be a teacher.

My daughter Kate, age 8, is exactly the same and loves role play whether she is being a fire fighter, dentist or superhero so I knew she would love this brightly coloured and fun looking role playing set.

Upon opening we had a look at some of the 149 pieces and set about setting our classroom up which was a great bonding activity as we both had fun helping each other.

In no time at all our classroom was ready for its pupils and my daughter used her Playmobil characters and began seating them in rows.

I then sneaked away to the ‘staff room’ for a well-earned coffee and left Kate to play. From the kitchen I could hear the most comical bossy teacher voice coming from Kate’s room and I smiled knowing she was enjoying the play set immensely.

Kate played with her school set for a few hours before coming downstairs (let’s hope she gave the children a break in that time) with the set and she began teaching myself and her daddy the alphabet (we purposely got it wrong so we could hear the bossy teacher voice again).

The set contains everything you could possible need for pretending to be a teacher (Calendar, Homework Records, Certificates, Stickers, a Bell, Pencils, Maps, Clock, Playtime Passes etc… and I can see it lasting a very long time as the quality of the play set is high and it looks fantastic!

The carry case means the set can be simply folded up and taken wherever you go although it will need a flat surface to rest on.

The set is aimed at children age 3+ which is ideal as some smaller pieces could potentially become choking hazards.

Without a doubt I will be looking for more sets from Pretend and Play as my daughter loves hers and she doesn’t realise it but she is learning through play which is music to my ears.

An excellent educational toy which is fun, well thought out and will provide children (and adults) with hours of fun.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £35.94

Available to buy from Learning Resources here.


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