LEGO DC Super Heroes Wonderwoman Key Light Review


WonderwomanKeyLightLEGO® DC Super Heroes
Wonderwoman Key Light

Reviewed by Ruth Paulus

I was excited to receive Wonderwoman LEGO Key Light in the post as I love gadgets, especially ones with a theme to them! The packaging was nice and secure and you are able to see the product and even try it out before taking it apart. It clearly states the Lego branding combined with it being a DC Super Hero. On the box it is suggested that the suitable age is 5+ but on the instructions inside there is a contradiction with it stating 3+. This is due to the small parts that the product could break into. Although I can’t see this happening very easily as she is seems very strong (no pun intended!). There are clear instructions on the back of the box with information regarding the batteries that the product takes and how you have to go about changing them.

Wonderwoman herself is delightful little character, she is around three times the size of a normal LEGO character and you can clearly tell that she is Wonderwoman, having the full Wonderwoman outfit painted on and a long mane of dark hair. From the top of her head she has a silver key ring that is very sturdy and will attach easily to any key fob. She has moveable arms and legs which is great for use with the torchlights which are situated in her legs and shoot out the bottom of her feet. The lights themselves being LED lights are lovely and bright and you can direct the light making it bigger by moving the legs apart. Although I would find her too large to go on my current car key ring (as I have so many) she would make a great addition to my keys if I was to take a number of them off or use her for my keys on a night out. As the lights turn off down the street after a certain time, she would be of great help to locate the keyhole! Alternatively using her next to the bed for a power cut could be of great use to either an adult or even a child older than 5.

The LEGO Wonderwoman LED light is a fun and quirky product that would make a great gift for anyone who likes DC superheroes to children or adults looking for something that is fun and a bit different. Due to the fact that it is also practical she comes highly recommended and I am going to look for the other DC characters for gifts!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £6.99

Available to buy from Toy R Us or Amazon here.


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