Lindam XTRA GUARD Dual Locking Multi-Purpose Latch Review


MultiPurposeLatchXTRA GUARD™
Dual Locking
Multi-Purpose Latch

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

With twin boys under the age of 3 who are very curious and into everything toddler proofing the house is a must, so was delighted when I received the Lindam XTRA GUARD Dual Locking Multi-Purpose Latch for review. After have just tried the XTRA GUARD Dual Locking Drawer Latch I was hoping that this was going to be just as good.

With the drawer latch you needed some basic tools but with the multi-purpose latch no tools are needs as it is uses self-adhesive pads to keep it in place. It can be used on cupboard doors, fridge/freezer, washing washing/tumble dryer and even toilet seats (would stop the dog trying to drink out of the bowl).

I decided to use it on the cupboard door under the sink, locking the twins out of the cupboard than contains detergents and bleaches. All I had to do was removed the backs of the adhesive and leave to cure for 24 hours. Then when ready, clean the doors of any dust and dirt and then attach each end to each door and firmly press into place. That’s it, the doors where now locked.


To unlock the doors is easy by pressing the button on the top and bottom of the latch and pulling towards you, while a simple function for adults and older children this is something toddlers wouldn’t do. The strap that holds the doors locked then can be moved out of the way by turning in 90 degrees giving you complete access to the cupboard. To lock you just have to move the strap90 degrees back and click into place.

Overall a very simple lock with a variety of uses and can even be used around corners. Extremely simple to fix and hasn’t come off the doors (even though I have tried pulling on it a few times).

Another great little, inexpensive device that gives great peace of mind.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £3.49

Available to buy from Munchkin here.


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