Lip Balm Lab 2014 Review


LipBalmLab2014Lip Balm Lab

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

With a 9 year old daughter that loves lip balm we were excited to receive the Wild Science Lip Balm Lab – a science and craft kit all rolled into one.

On opening the eye-catching and colourful box we found quite a lot of contents, these were:

1x sample tray
1x heating tray
2x beakers (different sizes)
1x spoon
1x small scoop
1x stick
1x gift jar
1x pair of plastic gloves
1x tub of soy ester
1x bag of berry wax beads
1x 5ml  bottle of baby oil
1x 5ml bottle of strawberry flavour
1x 5ml bottle of lip shimmer effect
1x 5ml bottle of red colour
1x instruction booklet

After reading the instructions we were ready to begin. As advised in the instructions we put down some newsletter to put the ingredients on as they are naturally oily ingredients and don’t mix well with water.

While this kit is suitable for children from age 8 years upwards, adult supervision is required due to the fact that hot water is required either from a boiling kettle or using the microwave.

Following the instructions within 5 minutes we had created out first batch of basic lip balm. Now we knew what to do I let me daughter make the next few batches this time mixing in flavouring, colour and effects. She had lots of fun mixing and measuring ingredients and creating her own variations of lip balm.

Once the lip balms are made the instructions do advice to do a patch test on the inside of your wrist to test for any reactions. All the ingredients are non-toxic and are not expected to cause a reaction but better to be safe than sorry.

Overall this is a great little kit. It is educational learning how the different ingredients mix together and create a lip balm and is fun experimenting with them to create variations of lip balm. Myself and my daughter both had fun spending quality time together experimenting and creating. The only downside is the jar of soy ester ran out too quickly and I would have liked a larger jar in the kit. I think it would also be more beneficial if you could buy the ingredients and more flavours from the Interplay website to be able to create more a larger variety of flavours, colours and effects.

We had great fun and would recommend it.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Interplay UK here.

4 Star

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