Lush Vanillary Gorilla Perfume Stick Review


Vanillary Gorilla Perfume Stick

Reviewed by Laura Sims

I am a fan of Lush so was looking forward to reviewing one of their newer items. 

The solid perfume is a handy size for popping into your handbag/make up bag.

The packaging is black & white, which is nice but maybe a pop of colour would help it stand out more?

It is strong smelling when first applied but it develops after a short while, I didn't notice I was wearing it but my husband could & would often compliment me on how nice it smelt. It seemed to last all day after being applied first thing in the morning.

It is very easy to use, you simply push up the fragrance stick & the stick goes back down when you place the lid back on.

I personally feel it would last longer than a typical spray perfume, as you can control more how much you apply.

I would definitely recommend this product to friends & family, as I feel that not only is it a good product but it is also good value for money.

A big positive is the ingredients are all natural.

Due to all the factors given above, I will definitely be looking at what other fragrances they will be selling & I shall be adding them to my Christmas list!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Lush here.

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