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Meet The Cuties and Pals – the latest must-have in children’s luggage for kids, aged 24 months and over.

With seven in the gang, you won’t know which one to choose! Each animal-style pull along suitcase comes with a matching backpack, so your cutie won’t get lonely. Available separately or as a set, they make the perfect travel buddy for any little globe-trotter (RRP £50 for a suitcase, £25 for a backpack, or £69.99 as a set).

The rolling suitcases are lightweight enough for children to pull along and extremely durable, so they’ll last for ages, no matter how far they travel. They also meet most hand luggage weightand size restrictions, in case your little cutie can’t bear to say goodbye to their Cutie at the airport*.

The Cuties and Pals are all hoping to find a special friend to go on their travels with. Whether it’s a small trip to visit Granny and Granddad or a long-haul journey somewhere sunny, The Cuties and Pals love keeping children company on their trips.

So let’s meet the gang!

“Hello – I’m Peko the penguin. I’m the original member of the Cuties gang, and the cutest penguin in the world. I enjoy nothing more than fooling around and having fun. I never get tired of playing games and I’m looking for a playmate who can keep up with me all day long.”

“Hi, I’m Congo. My favourite thing to do is climb trees. The gang are always telling me that I’m a cheeky little monkey and that I need a friend to keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t get into any trouble! Could you be my special friend?”

“My name’s P-Rex. I didn’t hatch long ago and I’m the baby of the gang. They tell me I’m a dippy dinosaur because I say words the wrong way round like “tummy in my yummy”. But I’m very loving and I’m looking for a special friend who I can protect.”

“My name’s Cheri. I’m a very huggable, loveable panda. I’m the cuddliest member of the gang and would really like a friend who’ll give me cuddles all the time to keep a big smile on my face.”

“Hi there! I’m Cazbi bee. I like to make people smile with my bright colours and playful personality! I enjoy telling jokes, and I’ve always wanted a pal with a really great sense of humour to share all my funny thoughts with bee-cause I’m bee-rilliant.”

“Hi, I’m Pookie the pig. I enjoy rolling around in the mud on the Cuties farm and being mischievous. I’m looking for a friend who’s happy-go-lucky like me and wants to have lots of fun on our travels.”

“I’m Cubbi the seal. I’m shy, but really friendly. I come from a cold climate, so I like taking a dip and relaxing by the pool in sunny places! I’m a great companion for any little holiday-maker while they’re chilling out on their trip.”

The Cuties and Pals range is available online at and John Lewis and House of Fraserstores across the UK.

They also have their own Facebook and Twitter pages for both kids and adults, so log on to find out what Congo, Cheri, Cubbi, P-Rex, Cazbi, Pookie and Peko are all up to!

For further information, visit or email

  • *The Cuties and Pals cases meet all in-flight luggage restrictions, except for on Ryanair.

  • Suitcases measure 17”, dimensions 46 x 31 x 25 cm. RRP £50.

  • Backpacks measure 13”, dimensions 32 x 27 x 13 cm. RRP £25.

  • The Cuties and Pals are suitable for children aged 24 months and over.

  • The Cuties and Pals are available from John Lewis, House of Fraser, independentboutiques and online at

  • The Cuties and Pals appeared on Dragons’ Den.

  • The Cuties and Pals brand is owned by parent company, Picture Case.

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